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It is impossible to pass through a busy road without seeing digital signage of some sort. Digital signage is ubiquitous and increasingly necessary to attract the attention of people. Information such as weather and traffic, advertisements, and store signs are just some examples of the many places where digital signage is used. Signage involves using signs and symbols in order to convey a message. In particular, digital signage involves the use of technology such as LCD, LED, projection, and e-paper to display signs. Compared to static signage, digital signage is a more effective, engaging, and exciting tool that can be used in many different ways.

Using Digital Signage

How digital signage is used differs based on who is employing it and what the intended purpose of using the signage is. For instance, a restaurant may use digital signage to convey what order is ready to be served or how long the wait time is expected to be. Large malls or museums can use digital signage to aid wayfinding, with touch-enabled interactive maps that display the ideal route to cover different destinations. Very commonly, big brands and companies use digital signage to promote and advertise their products or raise brand awareness. This article delves into five creative ways that digital signage solutions can be used in different scenarios.

At the Workplace

Digital signage can be used in many creative ways in the workplace to improve communication and improve employee experience. Many corporate campuses use static or simple digital signage to direct people to designated areas. However, digital signage can be used to make wayfinding interactive. With a self-serve kiosk with an interactive map, employees or visitors can navigate through the company floor plan, find their destination, and identify their ideal route to get there. Apart from wayfinding, digital signage can also be used to find free meeting rooms or workspaces that can then be booked immediately.

Apart from wayfinding solutions, digital signage can also be an effective way to communicate with employees. Whether it is making company announcements, organizing internal contests and promotions, or recognizing the milestones and achievements of employees, digital signage is an excellent medium to convey these messages to everybody without needlessly cluttering inboxes with emails about the same.

Integrating Social Media

In the current age, social media has ensured that brands have no dearth of user-generated content. The popularity of social media means that sometimes user-generated content might even be more important to a marketing campaign than the content created by the brand itself.

Digital signage technology can be integrated with social media feeds to engage customers with social media campaigns and build a more personal relationship with the brand. For instance, TagTalk (@talktalk.ai on Instagram) provides a tailor-made and interactive TV channel for brands. The content displayed is hyper-local, thus easily connecting with the local consumers. Some restaurants use TagTalk to showcase user-generated photos of food items and events, thus allowing users to do the work of promoting them. After all, honest and unsolicited social media reviews give potential consumers a feel of authenticity that self-promotion cannot achieve

Showcase the Website

Despite the variety of content on display, websites are not frequently put out there for the world to see. A website is a company’s one-stop information center that can be a great source of knowledge to potential and existing customers. Why not publicize it more to give it the importance it deserves?

Digital signage can be used to show teasers of the website, inviting them to scan the website immediately using a QR code. Furthermore, if the website also hosts a blog with information pertaining to the industry, digital signage is a great way to share snippets of blog posts with customers, allowing them to know what they can expect to find on your website.

Augmented Reality

Digital signage can be utilized to create campaigns with augmented reality that could thereafter enable greater brand recognition and recall. A particularly engaging example of such an augmented reality digital signage was Pepsi’s augmented reality bus stop campaign. In London, Pepsi transformed the dull experience of waiting for a bus into something full of surprise and fun. A digital signage display using a camera feed located on the back of the display was installed on the side of a bus shelter and acted as a ‘window’ to the street behind it. Thereafter, realistic 3D models were overlaid onto the feed, showing UFOs, wandering tigers, and strange creatures. This campaign got people to take a second look at what was going on and created great recall for Pepsi Max. This campaign not only effectively engaged people walking by on the street, but also became a massively viral online campaign.

Community Bulletin Board

For educational institutes, housing societies, or even companies, digital signage can be the ideal replacement for the traditional bulletin board. A traditional bulletin board is static and has limited space. A digital bulletin board is dynamic and can have changing screens that optimize space and showcase maximum information. Educational institutes can use such a bulletin board to showcase events, announcements, and activities available to students. Housing societies can display community events, services available nearby, and announcements regarding renovation that could affect residents. Companies could use a digital bulletin board to display industry-specific news and information, announce internal contests and promotions, and recognize the achievements of employees.


With the right content and placement, digital signage can be a great way to create the desired impact on the target audience. It can increase customer engagement, provide a better employee experience, or enhance brand awareness. Based on your industry and needs, Digitos Technologies can provide you with the ideal digital signage solution to help enhance your impact.

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