A Portable UV-c Disinfection Chamber

Modular | Portable

A Portable Uv-c Disinfection Chamber
size: 24"x24"

Benefits of UV-C Sanitizing Box

The portable UV-C Disinfection box is a revolutionary device that has been specifically designed to eliminate various harmful viruses and bacteria from the surfaces of different materials and items. It is a quick and easy solution to sterilize and disinfect various household items that are used frequently like keys, currency notes, grocery bags, phones, tools, wallets, etc.
The best feature of this device is that once the object is placed inside the chamber it disinfects all kinds of surfaces within 60 seconds. With a 360 degree exposure and 100% surface coverage, nothing is left unsterilized. Accessories and appliances having solid surfaces like metal, plastic or leather can be sterilized using this product. This way, you won’t have to use traditional ways of cleaning and save your time.
Moreover, Portable UV-C Disinfection Chamber has multiple applications in the healthcare and beauty industry where cleanliness of tools and equipment is extremely essential. The Ultraviolet light acts as a germicide and destroys the DNA of bacteria and germs rendering them incapable of infection. No chemicals are used in the process of disinfection and the UV light automatically shuts off when the lid is open. To make it safer for you, we have also attached a UV light indicator and safety switch in the device.
A Portable Uv-c Disinfection Chamber
size: 12"x18"
UV chamber

Specification & Features

  • Top Open Design
  • UV Light Indicator
  • Safety Switch
  • 10-Minute Disinfection
  • Zero Chemical
  • 360° Exposure
  • Multi focal UV Light
  • 100% Surface Coverage