Benefits of Digital Signage in Healthcare

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benefits of Digital Signage in Healthcare

Healthcare facilities play an important role in the society. However, the environment in these facilities is very unpredictable and often, confusing. This environment can be significantly demystified by employing digital signage solutions effectively. By doing so, the experience of the staff, patients, as well as visitors can be improved significantly. In this article, we give some ways in which digital signage can benefit healthcare.

Make Waiting Times Easier

In any healthcare facility, there is always a waiting time. Sometimes it is only for a few minutes, and sometimes it can go on for hours. Since there is a lot unpredictability in healthcare, it is possible that there are long wait hours. In Psychology of Waiting Lines, David Maister provides us with a valuable insights about waiting – “unexplained waits feel longer than explained waits”. This insight can be used to guide the use of digital signage solutions in healthcare facilities. For instance, a digital screen with queue management information can be set up with information such as estimated average wait time or the ongoing token number. When a patient is able to look at a screen and specifically gauge that their turn will arrive after two more patients, they are less likely to be irritable about their wait compared to if they are just made to be seated without much information.


One of the most common uses of digital signage solutions is wayfinding. In a healthcare facility, this is a very important requirement. Healthcare facilities can be large and complex and it can be very stressful for a patient to navigate through them. An interactive wayfinding kiosk can help take the stress out of the environment. This could showcase comprehensive information about the available doctors and the steps to follow before meeting them. A detailed map with the rooms of each doctor and the various centres of the medical facility can be shown as well.


In a healthcare facility, safety is always of prime importance. It is always good to have rules and compliance data in place and ensure that everyone is aware of the protocol to be followed in case of an emergency.

To help with this, digital signage solutions can act as an effective medium to convey emergency alerts. This allows prompt action to be taken by all. Furthermore, digital signages can also display safety procedures that are in place as well as a detailed plan of safe exit in large buildings during any mishappening.

Improved staff communication

In the same way that digital signage can improve the wait time experience, it can also serve as a dynamic way to improve staff communication. Static whiteboards and noticeboards can be replaced with dynamic digital signage solutions that can be constantly updated in order to deliver the latest information to the staff, whether it is news about latest treatments, opportunities for training, a change in work policies, or even a safety alert.


Security needs to be one of the top priorities in the healthcare sector. Each year, we see hospitals spending lot of money to secure networks, and protect patient data. The best digital signage solutions can support modern security solutions with enhanced features, proxy servers which ensures that hospital networks are protected from any kind of attacks.

Lowering costs

Earlier versions of digital signage software required lot of maintenance with lot of tasks being done manually. Since the evolution of digital signage, many new solutions now include features that help in preventing repetitive tasks, enhance automation and rule based programming. For instance, content can be prepared and scheduled for months in advance, to be displayed/played on specific dates or specific periods. With easy customization available, one can set up digital messaging well in advance.

Healthcare facilities are dynamic, high-stress environments and therefore, the right place to deploy digital signage solutions. Centrally updating content across the entire facility disseminates information in a timely manner. It is reliable, and time and cost efficient. Digital signage solutions will provide a good return on investment in any healthcare facility, regardless of its scale of operation. With Digitos, digital displays can facilitate better service delivery and intuitive experiences for visitors.

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