Benefits of Dynamic Digital Signage over Static Signage

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Dynamic digital signage defeats static signage on all the fronts whether it is dynamic content like video or animation, live content like weather or news, even ability to change content in real-time and remotely managing multiple locations simultaneously at low operational cost.

Businesses use digital signage or static signboards to promote their product or services to their target customers. However, the powerful impact that a dynamic signage creates is unmatchable to that of a static signage, that is why dynamic digital displays are taking over the static signage displays in every market.

Below are the key benefits that dynamic digital signage has over static signage.

More engaging

Dynamic digital signage has greater appeal and it is more engaging than static signage. This is true due to the dynamic mode of content enables it to give more information to targeted customers. On the other hand, static signage fails in providing enough information to the audience, as any change would require replacing it entirely.

Multiple contents

Marketing strategies can only be effective when they can educate the customer on the variety of products along with their key features and benefits; digital signage is very useful in promoting every product inside or outside a store in an impactful manner. Within a specified duration of time, various contents can be displayed on the screen; whereas static signage can only show a single marketing content per time.

Flash Sale

Till now flash sale feature was available on online platform only and so online retailers was the only biggest beneficiaries of this feature. But that is now accessible to offline retailers too with countdown feature of dynamic digital signage.

Easy to update

With the rapid changes in the market and behavioral patterns of the consumers, updating the content to stay relevant is inevitable. As a business owner or marketer, you will need signage that is easier and faster to update whenever any opportunity arises. Dynamic digital signage will give you that opportunity.

Schedule it for maximum gain

Another significant advantage that the digital signage has above the static is the ability to assess the response of the audience. This can be done by uploading several contents and check their reaction. This will enable you to know what time to display a particular advertisement to capture the attention of more people. You can schedule the content at specific times to maximize the potential of the content.

Test new ideas

In marketing strategy, it is very much possible that you play some content which is not able to drive the ROI. Based on the feedback from your customers about your content you can remove it and test the other ideas with dynamic digital signage, whereas static display doesn’t have such scope due to its production time and high cost.

Live content

Digital signage has unique benefit of being able to show the live content like live streaming, weather, news, flight schedule, currency rates etc. along with your custom message that can be changed time to time. Static signage lacks such abilities and is limited to static printed content which can be annoying for the customers.

Remote content management

Changing content for static signs require the new production every time a new product is launched, or any update is rolled out. The new signs must be shipped to the location and physically replaced. On the other hand, through Digital signage a person can remotely manage multiple screens in different locations with just a few clicks on their laptop or computer device.

Flexibility in content management

Digital signage is a super flexible medium to easily and quickly manage the content. Marketers have the ability of uploading several materials within a short duration of time. Its rate of flexibility will permit the marketers to generate high-quality and targeted content; whereas static signage is not flexible.


You also know it well that as traditional static signage gets older, it starts degrading which causes the fading clarity, and thus potentially negatively affect the original messages effectiveness. Beware that customers tend to like very attractive signs. A fading signage cannot capture the attention of anyone. A solution to this is digital signage which is highly desirable because of its eye-catching display, dynamic content and longevity of screens.

Easy maintenance

The maintenance of digital signage is much more cost efficient than the static ones. Reason being, static signage degrades easily due to various environmental factor, whereas digital signage screens have longer life and even a person can easily take care of it unlike that process of regular print changeovers in static signage.


A survey was conducted among the customers to determine the type of signage they prefer. 63% of the people preferred the digital display to the static signage. The dynamic digital displays seem to be appealing to prospective customers as it provides relevant and updated information to them in an easy to consume manner, and potentially intriguing the sale of a product. This shows that consumers are more likely to be attracted by a dynamic visual.

Difference in Viewing Experience

The hope of the content on the displays to be viewed rests on its appeal and beauty. A display that lacks color and momentum will never grab the attention of anybody. The content on digital displays are of a higher quality and clarity; therefore, enhancing the overall impact of the advertisement.

Reduced costs

Generally, the initial investment in digital signage seems to be high and it potentially limits many businesses to static display due to budget constraints. But if a comparative analysis is made considering the operational costs in a long run, it tends to be cheaper than static signage and print change overs.

High impact

The static signage has been in use for a longer time. Its effect was decent till the arrival of digital technologies, as it provided the customers a way to know of the availability of particular merchandises and services. But the digital display has covered a lot more and it has become the new generation method of signage advertising. Its impact is remarkably higher than static signage, thus making it a superior solution for businesses.

We have tried to cover all the key advantages of a dynamic digital signage over the static signage in this post, however if you feel that we have missed some points please share it in the comment section.

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