Digital Sanitizing Tunnel

Modular | Portable

Model No- DTF-6345
Model No- DTF-4344


  • Dimension: 6x8x4 feet/4x8x8 feet
  • Material: PC Mild Steel /Stainless Steel
  • Packaging: Compact Sturdy & Modular


Digital Sanitation Tunnel is a portable facility that is used to sanitize the whole body within a few seconds. Also known as a disinfecting booth or Sanitizing tunnels cabin, this is a low-cost acquisition that helps in eliminating 99% bacteria and viruses.
It consists of a set of nozzles that will start spraying the disinfectant automatically when a person enters the cabin. Once he is out of the tunnel, the spray will stop. It is an excellent tool to effectively sanitize the whole body along with the things that the person will be carrying in his hands.
The cabin can be built and installed in a very short duration. It is suitable to be placed inside or at the entrances of hospitals, bus stands, police stations, residential colonies, offices, gym, malls, etc. This system will effectively help in reducing the risk of contagion among healthy people and is an economical and viable option to ensure the protection of your clients and staff members from harmful viruses and bacteria.


  • Reduce risks of VIRUS and safe from bacteria.
  • Eliminates viruses and bacteria on the human body.
  • Sanitizing tunnel or disinfecting cabin is portable.
  • Its system is simple, reliable and effective Fast, easy and economical way to reduce bacteria risks


  • Industrial unit
  • Hospital
  • Office and Residential Complex
  •  Gym
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Airport and Railways
  • IT Park
  • Shopping Mall