DLF Crest

Adidas is a global leading brand having its retail presence all across the globe. With its new store opening at Ambience Mall, the brand VM team thought to use some cluttered breaking solution and hence planned to better utilize the pillar, adjacent to the store-front, for the in-store marketing communication.

DLF Crest Case Study

DLF Crest is made for an exquisite lifestyle with its classy and sophisticated designs that are fused together in complete harmony. Being an iconic and modern residency in Gurgaon, the brand required an equally high-end and modern digital method to connect with potential customers.


DLF Crest aimed to connect with its customers through its high end and sophisticated brand and sought digital signage display to promote its residencies.


DLF Crest achieved its objectives by placing Digitos’s cloud-enabled smart digital signages in the lobby area to garner better attention and aid in better advertising. These digital displays can act as a silent salesman and attract major eyeballs to add visual appeal.


  • With Digitos’s high-end promotions, DLF Crest was able to centralize and effectively manage remote advertising content with the help of cloud technology.
  • The brand was able to achieve the top of the mind brand recall by delivering relevant content.
  • The digital promotions helped in saving costs on marketing and printing collaterals.