Everything that you need to know about digital signage solution!

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What is digital signage?

A digital signage system is a digital or electronic form of signage that is used to make impactful communication. It’s the combination of a digital screen, a media device and a digital signage software.

What is digital signage used for?

Digital signage is a multi-tasking digital display and can be used by any business to acheive its marketing goals.  

A retail shop uses Digitos digital signage to promote its latest product or discount offers.  

A restaurant or QSR uses it to promote menu, cross sales and up sales. Through Digital touch kiosk customers can quickly make a purchase too.  

An institution uses Digitos digital signage as digital notice board to display welcome message, news, media coverage, employee birthday wishes, etc. In realtime. 

A hotel can improve the guest experience by giving them a personalized experience through digital signage, which also grow the sales. 

And, so on. 

If you want our help for a free consultation on how to use it for your business, Let’s Talk 


What is a digital signage platform?

Digital signage platform is basically a content management system to remotely manage the content on a screen in realtime. Through our cloud based CMS you will be able to edit or change the communication anytime from anywhere. 

How do you create a digital signage?

We create customized digital signage system in our own manufacturing unit. We manufacture digital signage stand, digital signage wall mount unit and other digital signage kiosk as per client’s requirement. 

We also have our software team and dedicated installation team to manage a robust digital signage network for you. 

Why is digital signage important?

In today’s disruptive world, digital signage is an important tool to capture audience attention towards your communication and give them a personalized digital experience. If it is used strategically, it’s a potential tool to grow your business. 

How effective is digital signage?

The effectiveness of a digital signage can be seen in multi dimensions. It not just shows an eye-catching content but also saves your time and money that is spent in tedious print and paste communication. 

How much does a digital signage cost?

There are two main cost components of a digital signage system – content management software and hardware kiosk. Digitos provides custom made digital signage solution to perfectly match the client needs. 

Cost varies as per the quantity. If your quantity goes up, cost becomes down and vice-versa. 

But we always ensure premium quality at the best price. 


Want an estimate? Get A Quote Now 

What are the benefits of digital signage?

Digitos digital signage has countless benefits, some highlights are as follows- Ease of content management in real-time 

  1. Contextual content display 
  2. Time & money saving 
  3. Impactful sales promotion 
  4. Eye-catching dynamic communication 
  5. Unforgettable audience experience
  6. Growth in footfalls and sales 


Read more here- Benefits of Dynamic Digital Signage over Static Signage

What do you put on digital signage?

On Digitos digital signage you can put Jpeg, Video, PPT, PDF, Google Docs, Text scroller, instant message, clocks, weather information, currency converter, social media, live news updates and many things. 

What is the best digital signage software in market?

You should decide the best digital signage software by going through a checklist for below key functionalities- 

  1. Content uploading and downloading speed 
  2. User-friendly software interface
  3. Screen division into parts 
  4. Realtime content management 
  5. Hierarchy based access 

Want to see what advanced functionalities Digitos digital signage offers and how it really works? Get A Live Demo 


For any customized digital signage kiosk requirement; touch or non-touch, please feel free to Contact Us. 

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