Handsfree Automatic Floor/wall Dispenser

Handsfree Automatic FloorWall Dispenser
These dispensers are ideal for the entry and exit areas of the buildings and colonies to maintain a safer and healthier environment. They dispense the sanitizer in the form of liquid or mist. With a completely touch-free operating system to avoid cross infection and contamination, it is an effective way of hand sanitization in public places. With an automated dispenser, many people will be encouraged to use the sanitizer as it’s quick and convenient and doesn’t waste any time. This is a smart and economical option to promote a hygienic and safe work environment.

Benefits of Automatic Dispensers

  • Schools, Healthcare facilities, Government agencies, Corporate offices, Hospitals, and businesses are turning to automatic sanitizer.
  • These dispensers are for their entry/ Exit and other Areas in order to maintain a healthier environment.
  • New Product for Countertop / Floor Standing Sanitizer Alcohol Spray, Machine with 5000 ML of Capacity.

Specification & Features

  • Capacity: 5Ltr
  • Dimension : 5 Feet x 1 feet x 1 feet
  • Spray: Mist Spray (Adjustable)
  • Your Company Logo: yes
  • Indicator 1: Mist Spray
  • Indicator 2: Liquid Finish
  • Option: Floor Standing / Wall mounting
  • Color: White
  • Print: Customisable Min Qty 100 Units
  • MRP : 9900 (floor Standing) + GST
  • MRP: 8500 (Wall Mounting) + GST