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How to enhance customer engagement with digital signage
Nowadays, wherever you go, digital signage is there in some form. Whether it is displaying menus, products, and offers or just information about the weather and traffic, there is no doubt that digital signage is an effective way of grabbing customer attention and promoting customer engagement. With eye-catching and dynamic displays, easily customizable layouts, versatility in terms of where they can be used, and scope for interactivity, digital signage truly does offer great potential to improve customer engagement. There are many ways that digital signage can enhance customer engagement, and this article looks into some of those ways.

Know Your Customers

It can be hard to understand whether customers are enjoying their experience with your brand or not, especially since most customers tend to avoid taking surveys about their experience, regardless of how short it might be. However, it does not have to be this way.

Take a retail store, for example. If a customer has just had a positive experience with the store, they might be more open to the idea of casting their vote in a poll while heading out of the store. A single question does not take up too much time, and can provide valuable input to the store. These questions can even be updated from time to time in order to gather more and more information about the needs and wants of the customer.

Context-specific Focus

One of the benefits of digital signage is how quickly the sign can be changed based on requirements. Therefore, time and context sensitive content can be put up quickly and easily, before they lose relevance.

Let us understand this with the example of a café. By studying buying patterns over time, the manager of the store will be able to determine how to change the signage present outside the café. For example, 8AM to 10AM may be when caffeinated drinks sell the most. Therefore, the signage outside can offer limited morning offers on caffeinated drinks that encourage customers to come in and buy the drink. However, on the same afternoon, they could alter the signage to promote cool drinks that could offer relief to someone trying to escape the midday heat. Similarly, the signage could be changed based on weather, season, or a trending topic. The beauty of such a signage is that it directs the customer to buying something that you want them to buy, possibly something that could provide you with a higher profit margin. In this way, digital signage can be extremely effective in making the most of customer engagement.

The Perfect Location

To make the most of digital signage, it is important to consider its placement. Setting digital signage in the right place can have a massive impact on customer engagement.

For example, digital signage is an excellent way to draw the attention of people in places where there is some waiting time. This could be in checkout queues or outside a restaurant. Another ideal location for digital signage is places that receive a lot of traffic. This could be in elevators or at entries and exits to stores.

When considering the ideal location, it is also important to consider other factors such as ambient light and screen height. Too much ambient light can make content difficult to see, with the image or words on screen to washed out to be read or understood. Similarly, placing the screen too high or too low can cause customers to miss noticing it and thus, not engage with it.

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