How will UVC box help us maintain sanitization?

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UV chamber
The use of Ultraviolet light to kill bacteria isn’t new. UV light is an extremely effective way to kill up to 99% of all germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It’s able to do this in a very short time to ensure a safe atmosphere.

The Ultraviolet spectrum of light falls in the 100-400 nm range in terms of wavelength. The UVC spectrum or the short-wave of the UV spectrum falls in the 100-280nm range. Out of all the sub-spectrums of the UV spectrum, it’s found that only the UVC spectrum can effectively kill germs.

This UVC light which is otherwise invisible to human eyes is absorbed by the atmospheric ozone. While this is true, it only minimally penetrates the surface of the Earth and thus has an even lesser effect on human health. Usually, UVC is a part of the rays of the sun but can also be generated artificially.

This artificially generated UVC works much like the natural UVC. Owing to its short wavelength, the UVC rays possess very high energy. This high energy interacts with the cellular RNA and DNA of microbes. This results in the damage of these nucleic acids and prevents the microorganisms from multiplying or infecting.

When you damage the DNA of a bacteria, the bacteria dies as well. Similarly, when the nucleic acid of the bacteria is damaged, it cannot infect. The UVC box emits just the right amount of UVC light needed to kill the bacteria.

The UVC light works more effectively on smooth and flat surfaces. In order to extract the most benefits from the UVC box, it’s important to ensure that most of its exposure only falls on such surfaces and isn’t wasted on rough surfaces.

This can not only be used to kill the microbes in the air. It can also be used to sanitize common day objects like phones, keys, remotes, etc.  The UVC box helps do this efficiently and rid your everyday objects of germs much more effectively than sanitizers and the like.

It’s important to wipe down your personal belongings once before exposure to the UVC box. This ensures that most of its energy is spent in killing the germs and microbes and not wasted on other residual dirt and dead skin cells.

The best thing about the UVC box is that it’s a completely non-contact method to disinfect objects. You can now sanitize objects without worrying about your own risk of infection.

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