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Digital Sanitizer Dispenser

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As the whole world is fighting with the deadly Coronavirus, keeping your hands clean at all times is extremely essential along with following social distancing and wearing masks. Our Digital Sanitizer Dispenser is equipped with a digital signage screen and an automatic dispenser.

Foot Operated

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

We at Digitos are always evolving with the dynamic environment and hence have created a unique solution to maintain high levels of hygiene and sanitization in public places. Our Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a portable device with which a hand sanitizer can be used by a large number of people without touching the bottle with their hands. A foot peddle is installed in the device which when pressed, the sanitizer bottle dispenses the liquid.
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Digital Sanitizing Tunnel

Digital Sanitizing Tunnel

Modular | Portable

Digital Sanitation Tunnel is a portable facility that is used to sanitize the whole body within a few seconds. Also known as a disinfecting booth or Sanitizing tunnels cabin, this is a low-cost acquisition that helps in eliminating 99% bacteria and viruses.

A Portable UV-c Disinfection Chamber

Benefits of UV-C Sanitizing Box

The portable UV-C Disinfection box is a revolutionary device that has been specifically designed to eliminate various harmful viruses and bacteria from the surfaces of different materials and items. It is a quick and easy solution to sterilize and disinfect various household items that are used frequently like keys, currency notes, grocery bags, phones, tools, wallets, etc.
Disinfecting Booth
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Handsfree Automatic Floor/wall Dispenser

Benefits of Automatic Dispensers

Handsfree automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a great addition to any school, healthcare facility, government agency, office, restaurant, or hotel. This device helps in preventing cross-contamination and maintain high hygiene standards as the employees or customers do not come in contact with it. Available in two designs, it can be mounted on a wall or placed on the floor.

Handsfree Sanitizing Machine Stand

Get away from any infectious viruses with the Handsfree Sanitizing Machine Stand. This stand is specially designed to conveniently use a sanitizer bottle without any contamination and transmission of germs and diseases. It is fabricated by powder-coated mild steel which is extremely strong and durable. Hand sanitizer bottles of different sizes can be adjusted and the product can be dispensed with the help of a foot peddle. It operates mechanically without any batteries or power. A wide base with low central gravity ensures maximum steadiness and the height of the sanitizer bottle is adjustable within 10 inches.
Hands Free Sanitizing Machine Stand​

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