Smart City Solution

We Innovate. We Create. We Transform.

Smart cities are envisioned to be such a living place which is connected, secured, sustainable and accessible for its residents. Digitos is into the design and development of such innovative yet sustaintable smart city solution which creates a larger impact on overall ecosystem. With our in-house capabilites, we are on a mission to deliver the multi-purpose, mulit-use solution for smart city residents.

Smart Benches

The new urban furniture

Solar powered smart benches are multi-functional smart urban furniture that any city, business center, retail or university can use to make its place better and joyful.

Digitos smart benches have many cool features like wi-fi hotspot, mobile phone charging points, public information display, lighting etc. and can be custom loaded with a lot more features as per customer requirement.


Smart City Kiosks

The new-age public information displays

Smart city kiosks are used in multiple forms for advertising or informational purposes such as wayfinding kiosk, information kiosk, interactive kiosk etc. They are generally placed in areas where there is a good traffic to cater the communication which they need.

Digitos provides smart city kiosks in customised shape and sizes for indoor and outdoor environment.

Digital Billboards

The dynamic and real-time displays

Digital billboards are the next big revolution in OOH industry as it facilitates the brands to advertise dynamically with an impressive visual appeal. 

Digitos offers a wide range of LED Display and digital billboards with real-time content management system.

Smart Charging Stations

The new way to charge the world

Electric Vehicles are the future of transport as it is cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. The onus is on Smart city to establish sufficient charging facility to meet the future demand.  

Digitos provides smart EV charging stations integrated with a smart screen and content management system(CMS) as a self-sustainable model.


Smart Solutions. Smart features.

WIFI Hotspot

USB Charging

Cloud CMS for content updates in realtime