The impact of digital signages on guest experience in Hotel Industry

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The impact of digital signages on guest experience in Hotel Industry

Digital signage has many uses in many different environments. In the hospitality industry, it can serve extensively to improve guest experience. In the present tech-driven world, digital signage can play an important role in delivering superior customer experiences.

Virtual Concierge

Traditionally, hotels have always had concierges who provide information to the guests about amenities and activities and helps them avail the same. However, times have changed, and many people are more comfortable finding their way on their own. For these guests, a virtual concierge, in the form of a digital kiosk that displays information about events in and around the hotel as well as various amenities, would serve very well. The concierge can also include a section for wayfinding that will provide a detailed map of the hotel as well as nearby locations.

Additionally, the digital signage can be used to display rules and hours of the different facilities in the hotel – for instance, the gym, pool, or perhaps a recreation centre. It can also be used to do additional marketing for the hotel by featuring rewards programs and promotional content.

Dining Options

Digital signage can effectively display images and names of dishes being served in hotel restaurants. Furthermore, these menus can be modified quickly to display daily specials or account for daily inventory. Placing these menus outside the restaurant also allows the guests to make their food decisions quicker, possibly before even entering the restaurant.

Social Media

The world is ruled by social media currently. It is possible to leverage social media presence to boost offline experience as well. Digital signage integrated with social media allows hotels to showcase the experiences of others who have stayed at the property and posted pictures and reviews online. This is a great way to get customer-generated content that allows guests to see what other guests before them have enjoyed at the location. It also encourages guests to post about their own experiences, thus providing a larger repertoire of reviews and photos to showcase later.

In order to use digital signage for any of these uses, it is important to keep in mind the location of the signage as well. The best locations are always places with high footfall and possibly some waiting time: at taxi or valet waiting areas, inside or outside gift shops, at service desks, and outside elevators

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