About Us

Achieve more with our state-of-the-art cloud enabled digital signage, made of high-quality materials in customized sizes. Perfect solution to advertise and communicate dynamically.

5 Years in Action

Digitos is a new-age retail and OOH advertising technology organization. It creates digital experiences for brands. Brand experience & engagement are seen as the strongest drivers of customer loyalty, and the future of digital communication will belong to organizations who deliver a personalized and digitally empowered retail and OOH experience.

DIGITOS digital signages and displays fit seamlessly into any retail environment and create magical experiences in the shopper journey. We help brands drive ROI and repeat sales by establishing their stores as an experiential destination. If you are ready to transform your retail business into more digital-first, customer-centric experience, we can help.

Our Plan

We help companies reach and surpass their objectives. We offer powerful and engaging display solutions that work to enhance your business and build your brand engagement.




Our Mission

Providing revolutionary digital advertising and communication products that will make sure message is heard loud and clear. In a world full of billions stand apart with Digitos.

At Digitos, we understand your need, assist you to choose as per your need and help you execute the best.