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The founder and CEO of Digitos brings a visionary approach to retail solutions, backed by over 33 years of cross-industry experience. Worked with established brand names in India with strong and diverse client pool including both government and private organizations and prestigious brands. His dedication to the Retail sector is driven by a desire to make a tangible difference, leveraging their expertise to improve the digital shopping experience for all customers.


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Gagan Gandhi

Founder & CEO Of Digitos

Gagan Gandhi

Founder & CEO Of Digitos

2024 Most NoteworthyProjects.

Large scale Rollout Stores Pan India

This project holds significant importance for us, as we have meticulously designed it. However, the swift brief and turnaround in design and technological integration with AkzoNobel were commendable. We anticipate this to be our flagship project of the year.

Outdoor LED 40 feet x 20 feet

Our recent achievement involving the connection of outdoor LED to the cloud stands out as a widely discussed project. Completed in the sweltering heat of Delhi, this endeavor was executed promptly without compromising on the unprecedented quality of workmanship.

Let us transform your STORE

OUR EXPERTISE In-Store retail

Digitalize Digital signage & Pixel LED Wall

Digitos crafts custom digital signage & Pixel LED walls to turn any space into a dynamic experience. Boost brand awareness, showcase info, & elevate customer engagement.

Integrated Software for Monitoring

Unify data from all your systems for centralized monitoring, real-time insights, and faster issue resolution.

Functional FIxtures FSU Countertop & Shopfittings

Maximize your counter space. FSU Collection's functional countertop fixtures offer organization & efficiency.

Large-Scale Manufacturing productions & Rollout

Make a lasting impact. We deliver high-resolution LED displays for captivating experiences, from massive outdoor screens to dynamic indoor signage.

3d Design, GFC & CAD Drawings

Our design team with extensive experience working with brands & architects, in delivering a range of services from basic CAD layouts to comprehensive GFC drawings.

Additionally, our 3D team utilizes cutting-edge digital technologies to create immersive spatial designs, offering advanced 3D modeling and rendering, including 3D anamorphic film production.

Digital Signage Standee

An entry-level product for every store, available in USB-based or cloud-based options, featuring both brand screen and OEM display choices, encompassing a comprehensive budget. Proudly manufactured in India, with a warranty exceeding 3 years and onsite support, we are fully prepared to embark on your digital journey with digital signage solutions.

Interactive Kiosk Self Checkout

Interactivity is crucial and need of 2024 . At Digitos, we specialize in interactive experience seamlessly integrate in-store, connect to the cloud, and allow for dynamic adjustments in themes and content. Whether through captivating window displays, in-store digital walls, or integrated display fixtures, we offer comprehensive solutions to enhance customer engagement.

LED Video Wall Indoor

Indoor LED walls represent a dynamic form of display, an alternative to traditional static posters.

These digital walls are cloud-connected, allowing control through computers. With a track record of over 2000 successful installations. We are well-equipped to handle projects of any scale, ensuring timely delivery and service backup

Store front Brand Signage

From simple ACP 3D letter boards to extensive 40-foot digital LED displays with cloud connectivity, our expertise lies in manufacturing and installing a wide range of storefront solutions across India. Our specialization primarily focuses on efficient roll-out processes and large-scale production.

LED Video Wall Outdoor

We specialize in the manufacturing of Outdoor LED walls with a pixel pitch ranging from p2 to p10 for outdoor applications. To date, we have successfully delivered and installed over 200 outdoor LED walls, with our largest unit measuring 70×20 feet. Additionally, we provide comprehensive service support nationwide

In-Store Fixtures & Displays

With comprehensive expertise in manufacturing in-store fixtures made of wood, metal, and plastic, Our Large scale Productions & quick turnaround time is facilitated by prefabricating all components in our factory and assembling modular fixtures on-site. With a wealth of experience over 4000 stores, our team is well-equipped to handle any project.

FSU, Gandola & Branding

With the rapidly changing times, we have integrated a digital interface linked to the cloud across all our displays. Whether it’s a compact tabletop device or a standalone fixture, remote control and connectivity via the cloud are now possible from your office.

Integrated Software control

Our software team is supported by professionals from prestigious institutions like IIT, enabling us to undertake projects incorporating cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, we have expanded our capabilities by integrating sensors into displays, offering real-time updates on inventory status.

In-House Manufacturing

Our in-house manufacturing facility is equipped with comprehensive wood, metal, paint, and plastic workshops, facilitating large-scale production. Our ability to maintain consistent quality and efficiency over the years is a testament to our dedication.

Let us collaborate to spearhead a technologically integrated “Make in India” campaign together.


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Headquartered in Gurgaon, Retails employs a large number of teams across the nation in approximately more than 125 cities PAN india. We have competencies and activities throughout the value chain: development, manufacturing, marketing and sales.