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Welcome to Digitos, the pioneers in manufacturing cutting-edge digital walls, LED walls, digital signage, and digital standees tailored for advertising and interactive experiences. With a legacy of leadership spanning almost 5 years, Digitos has reimagined the interactive touch screen landscape. Our commitment to innovation, unwavering dedication to research and development, and the artistry embedded in our products have positioned us as market leaders.

Self-Service Kiosks

Elevate service speed without compromising guest experience with Digitos Self-Service Restaurant Kiosks. Unparalleled flexibility and superior customer service define our Self-Service Restaurant Kiosks, adaptable to any restaurant setting, from fast-casual to quick service. Harnessing the power of AJS Borne software from Digitos, our Self-Service Restaurant Kiosks expedite orders, boost guest spending, and minimize wait times. Join the rising trend of restaurants transforming their operations with Digitos, where innovation meets efficiency for an unparalleled dining experience. Embrace the future of dining with Digitos Self-Service Restaurant Kiosks.

Self-Service Restaurant Kiosks

Digitos Self Ordering Kiosk seamlessly integrates with AJS Borne, providing a sleek interface for personalized menus, dynamic upsells, and onscreen tipping in QSR Self-Service Kiosks. Streamline operations with KDS integration. Real-time insights from AJS Borne Reporting inform decisions, while targeted promotions boost order values in QSR Self-Service Kiosks.

  • Personalized Menus
  • Dynamic Upsell
  • Onscreen Tipping
  • KDS Integration
  • Real-time Insights
  • Targeted Promotions

Digital Touch Kiosk

Experience seamless interaction with the cutting-edge touch kiosk by Digitos. This state-of-the-art kiosk redefines user engagement through its responsive touch interface and sleek design. From informative displays in museums to interactive wayfinding in malls, Digitos touch kiosk offers diverse applications. With its user-friendly interface, users can effortlessly access information, make selections, and navigate through options. The robust build ensures durability in high-traffic environments, while advanced touch technology provides swift and accurate responses. Elevate user experiences with Digitos touch kiosk, where technology meets interactivity.

Touch Digital Kiosk

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Its sleek design and responsive touch interface redefine user engagement, making it ideal for a range of applications. Navigate, select, and access information effortlessly, backed by durable build quality and advanced touch technology.

Digitos Touch Kiosk 43 inch Left (1)

Digital Standee

Modern evolution of traditional signage, captivates with vibrant visuals and interactive engagement, seamlessly merging technology and advertising to leave a lasting impression.

Digital Wall Mount

Wall Mount Kiosk

A sleek interactive solution for seamless information access and intuitive navigation in any space. Transform walls into dynamic hubs of interaction.

Digital touch table

Touch Table

A touch table is an interactive surface that responds to touch gestures, enabling intuitive control and manipulation of digital content through direct physical interaction. 

Digital Led Wall

Experience stunning visual displays with “Digitos” LED walls. Elevate your surroundings with vibrant and dynamic imagery, thanks to cutting-edge LED technology. Whether for entertainment, advertising, events, or information dissemination, “Digitos” LED walls captivate any audience. Seamless integration allows for limitless configurations, adapting to any space. With impeccable clarity and customizable content, these digital marvels offer unparalleled engagement. Transform spaces into immersive environments, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter the captivating brilliance of “Digitos” LED walls.

Digital Led Wall

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Explore our diverse selection of high-quality LED wall products designed to illuminate your space with vibrant visuals. From stunning displays for events to dynamic signage solutions, our LED wall products offer unmatched brightness, clarity, and versatility. Find the perfect LED solution to captivate your audience and transform your environment.

Digital Non-Touch Kiosk

Introducing the cutting-edge non-touch kiosk by “Digitos,” a revolutionary solution that redefines interactive experiences. Designed with hygiene and user engagement in mind, this advanced kiosk offers a seamless and intuitive interface without the need for physical contact. With its state-of-the-art gesture recognition technology, users can effortlessly navigate through a myriad of options, from information retrieval to transaction processing, all with a simple wave or gesture. The sleek and modern design of the kiosk blends harmoniously with any environment, making it an ideal choice for retail, healthcare, hospitality, and beyond. Elevate user experiences while prioritizing health and safety with the “Digitos” non-touch kiosk – where innovation meets interaction.

Non-Touch Digital signage

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Non-touch kiosks come in diverse types: informational, wayfinding, retail, ticketing, self-ordering, healthcare, interactive displays, surveys, photo printing, digital signage, directories, payment/banking, gaming, tourism, and self-checkout. These kiosks enhance interaction, streamline tasks, and offer a range of services without physical contact.

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Floor Standing Kiosk

Transform engagement with the future of interaction. Experience the future today – explore our Floor Standing Kiosk!

easel poster kiosk

Easel Poster Kiosk

Grab attention and leave a lasting impact–get started on enhancing your displays now!

Digital wall mount kiosk

Wall Mount Kiosk

A sleek, interactive solution for modern engagement. Elevate experiences effortlessly.


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We extend our exceptional products and technology to a global clientele through our reliable worldwide shipping services. Regardless of your location, Digitos ensures the secure and timely delivery of our innovative interactive touchscreen solutions. Our commitment to excellence transcends borders as we make our products accessible to diverse markets, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted industry leader. Experience the pinnacle of interactive technology no matter where you are, as we bring our 25 years of expertise to your doorstep.”

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